Traditions of Lancashire Vol 1 by John Roby

Book Cover: Traditions of Lancashire Vol 1 by John Roby
Editions:Paperback - FolkCustoms 2014: £ 19.99
ISBN: 9781291700039

A collection of folk tales and stories from Lancashire

  • Sir Tarquin
  • The Goblin Builders
  • Mab’s Cross
  • The Prior of Burscough
  • The Eagle and Child
  • The Black Knight of Ashton
  • Fair Ellen of Radcliffe
  • The Abbot of Whalley
  • Sir Edward Stanley
  • George Marsh, The Martyr
  • Dr. Dee, The Astrologer
  • The Seer
  • The Earl of Tyrone
  • Hoghton Tower
  • The Lancashire Witches
  • Siege of Lathom
  • Raven Castle
  • The Phantom Voice
  • The Bar-Gaist
  • The Haunted Manor House
  • Clitheroe Castle
  • The Grey Man of the Wood

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