The Life of George Stephenson and of his Son Robert Stephenson – Samuel Smiles

The Life of George Stephenson
Editions:Paperback - FolkCustoms 2018: £ 16.99
ISBN: 9780244998349
Pages: 384

George Stephenson (1781 – 1848) was a civil and mechanical engineer who, through his work constructing the first intercity railway line between Manchester and Liverpool and (along with his son Robert) designing the locomotive “Rocket” that was to win the Rainhill Trials, became known as the “Father of Railways”

Born in Northumberland he was illiterate until the age of 18, but realising the value of education he used his wages as an engineman at a local colliery to fund his studies at night school. In 1811 he offered to improve the pumping engine at High Pit, Killingworth which he did with such success that he was promoted to enginewright and in his new position became an expert in steam driven machinery

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