Self-Help By the People – The History of the Rochdale Pioneers by George Jacob Holyoake

Book Cover: Self-Help By the People – The History of the Rochdale Pioneers by George Jacob Holyoake
Editions:Paperback - FolkCustoms 2013: £ 12.99
ISBN: 9781291636598
Pages: 280

The history of the founding of the Co-operative movement

The Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers (est. 1844) formed the basis for the principles on which co-operatives around the world operate to this day. On 21 December 1844, they opened their store with a very meager selection of butter, sugar, flour, oatmeal and a few candles. Within three months, they expanded their selection to include tea and tobacco, and they were soon known for providing high quality, unadulterated goods at a fair prices and honest weights. The profits from the shop were returned to the members as a dividend based on the amount each spent in the shop.

John Bright by Charles Anthony Vince

Book Cover: John Bright by Charles Anthony Vince
Editions:Paperback - FolkCustoms 2013: £ 8.00
ISBN: 9781291642278
Pages: 148

Biography of John Bright, British Radical and Liberal statesman, one of the greatest orators of his generation, In partnership with Richard Cobden, he founded the Anti-Corn Law League.

In 1843 Bright was the Free Trade candidate at a by-election at Durham. He was defeated, but his successful competitor was unseated on petition, and at the second contest Bright was returned. In the Anti-Corn Law movement the two speakers, Cobden and Bright, complemented of each other. Cobden did the reasoning, Bright supplied the declamation, but mingled argument with appeal. No orator of modern times rose more rapidly. From 1847 until 1857 he was MP for Manchester, but his unpopular opposition of the Crimean War lost him his seat but a few months later he was returned unopposed as one of the two MPs for Birmingham. Bright died at his home One Ash on 27 March 1889 and was buried in the graveyard of the meeting-house of the Religious Society of Friends in Rochdale.